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Strategic Planning Sessions at Chingachgook

Bring your staff to YMCA Camp Chingachgook for a strategic planning retreat. Take a step away from the office and start your new year off with intention and direction. Strategic planning sessions at Chingachgook help you get out of your day to day routine and come together to build a stronger, more creative, and better connected team.

Camp Chingachgook offers many benefits for professional staff retreats:

  • Beautiful Adirondack setting

  • Fireside conference rooms are ideal for small groups and breakout sessions

  • Large retreat halls are available for formal conference space

  • Wi-fi, screens & projectors, easels, and flexible seating are set up for you

  • Food Service option available for catered warm & hearty meals

  • Facilitators are available for energizers, icebreakers, and social activities

  • Affordable rates

Book your staff meeting today & energize your team for the year ahead!

Contact us at 518-656-9462 or by emailing

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