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Camp counselor explaining an activity to a sitting group of kids


Happy Team Posing
group of campers in rock climbing gear



At Chingachgook, we believe in the magic of Camp. We believe in creating a welcoming community, where we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and others. Your gift to YMCA Camp Chingachgook will ensure we continue to excel at providing life-changing experiences in the outdoors for all. You can donate using the form below.



As an anchor in the communities we serve, Chingachgook is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, knowing that these efforts create better opportunities for all. In the critical role as a community advocate and partner, Camp and the Y are uniquely positioned to bring our community together. Today, more children, adults, and families will rely on our programs and will need financial assistance. With your help, we can work to ensure the camp magic is available for all current and future Chingachgook kids - because we are stronger together.

We continue to provide safe spaces for difficult discussions and personal growth. This year we will continue to work to establish partnerships with organizations working to make the outdoors more accessible for all, and engage our staff and Council of Advisors in Racial Equity training. We are proud to be here for everyone in our community, and this work is the lifeblood of our mission, but we simply cannot do this critical work alone – we need your help. Help us provide scholarships so that camp can be a reality for all campers this summer.

"Camp is more than just a place. We say that a lot at Chingachgook because it’s true: camp is only a few weeks of the year, but it can be a huge part of a kid’s life. It’s more than an address on a map: for some, it’s the center of the universe. I should know, I was the classic “camp kid.” I’d count down the days, pack my trunk in advance, and daydream about which cabin I’d be in and who my counselors would be and whether I be with my friends from last summer. Camp felt like my safe place, the place where I got to put the rest of the world away and just be me. And truthfully, when you’re at camp, it’s everything. All I cared about was winning color wars, what I’d wear to the dance, and who would walk with me to free swim, because at camp, life gets to be simple. Life revolves around friends and fun. Your life gets to be yours and you get to take responsibility for yourself. For kids, that empowerment means the world. Not everyone gets to go to camp, but with the help of fundraising, camp becomes more accessible to more kids. It helps camp become a place for everyone…and isn’t that how it should be?"
-Mary McAfee, Camper/Staff Alumni and current volunteer 

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