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“It’s only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves.” 
 –Andre Gide

Adventure Trips

Since the first group of Schenectady boys paddled to our Lake George home in 1912, Chingachgook has been a pioneer in youth development and community building through adventure programming in the Northeastern United States. Today, we explore the waterways and wilderness throughout New York's famous Adirondack State Park to help teens develop independence, confidence, leadership, lasting friendships, and learn new outdoor skills that will endure far beyond your trip!

We are excited to offer a variety of trips in 2024! Choose your adventure from four distinct types of trips: beginner and advanced backpacking, paddling, multisport, and specialty trips.

Challenge serves as an outstanding catalyst for growth and is the keystone of our Adventure Trip Program. We harness each obstacle as a tool to develop lasting collaborative leadership skills that will endure for a lifetime. Your trip leader will work with you to determine appropriate challenges for you and your new close-knit community.


*Listed in date order*


Our experienced staff all have wilderness medicine and lifeguard certifications and are trained to intentionally facilitate activities to promote physical safety, emotional safety, and inclusion within the group. Leaders set guidelines for group behavior, instruct safety procedures and report to the Chingachgook administration throughout each trip. 

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